Chapter Fashion tips from a College Fashionista

IMG_0005I love getting dressed up for chapter. I can wear all of my dresses and blazers that I want to wear more often, but I just can’t seem to get them into my every day outfits! It’s fun to show your own style at chapter and see all of your sisters dressed up too. I wanted to talk about chapter fashion today, but I also needed a little help, so I asked one of my sisters to help me!

I’m super excited to have some style tips form Marisa today. She has her own blog, and she also writes for College Fashionista, a blog that campuses can post their own fashion and style on from all around the country! Marisa gets her insertion to blog from Lauren Conrad. When Marisa  Casciano111714started her blog, she realized that she wanted to write about a lot of things, “I love fashion and art and everything creative about life and wanted to inspire other people to live their lives in a similar way to that they could inspire others too and constantly see the beauty in life.”

After she started her own blog, she decided to blog for College Fashionista. She told me, “[College Fashionista] has given me a chance to get even more into the world of fashion and write for something a little more big-time than my own personal blog. I love being able to find fashionable people around my campus and take pictures of them and write about their unique styles. I especially love seeing how they are recreating runway looks and making a designer’s idea their own.”

Now let’s talk about some style Do’s and Don’ts at chapter meetings!

Marisa has some great Do’s and Don’ts that she wrote for me below! I think that she had some really great advice and she’s inspired me to shop for chapter!

“I think that it’s important that everybody’s unique style shows in very strict and sometimes tricky dress codes. Chapter is business casual, meaning something you could wear to an office or for an internship. Skirts, dresses, dress pants and even the occasional pair of harem pants are something we see a lot. But despite a dress code there’s a lot of things you should do and not do in order to get that perfect look.”



  1. ICasciano020315-3ncorporate your own style! It’s really easy to wear Lilly prints or Tory Burch flats when the rest of your sisters are, but don’t forget who you are and to make your style match it. This could be with a statement piece that pops or just a piece of jewelry or an accessory that is unique to you. Make every outfit your own.
  2. Try a pair of printed pants. Classic black or tan dress pants can get boring. Try a Casciano120814-3color or a cool print to make yourself stand out. It creates a great opportunity to pair certain pieces that you wouldn’t expect would go, yet complement each other perfectly.
  3. Try a pair of knee socks with tights! Layering is the key to our cutest chapter outfits, especially in the winter. Layer black tights with a pair of maroon, black or very neutral knee socks with a pair of Casciano020315-4booties. It is a very trendy look right now and perfect for warming up our chapter outfits that aren’t so cozy or weather appropriate.




  1. Stay away from dress pants that are too lose. The blouses we wear with dress pants tend to have a loser fit already. Stay away from dress pants that are borderline gouchos, or just make it look like you’re drowning in your clothes! On this note though, find a pair of dress pants that is not too tight either. This is probably the number one fashion flaw I see at chapter.
  2. Heels aren’t always necessary. Where they complement some outfits perfectly, others look better with a pair of flats or even a nice pair of oxfords.
  3. Dskirt-suits-for-women-elite-skirt-suits-for-womenon’t dress for another age. I think when people think business casual they automatically believe that they need to look like CEOs in suits and shop at stores much too serious. Being in college is a great time because it allows you the most freedom with your style and what you can wear on a daily basis. Apply this to chapter. Remember that you’re in your 20s and have plenty of time to dress like that when you get to the real world. Instead of a blazer, wear a cardigan. Instead of dress pants, wear a cute skater skirt or a maxi skirt. You can dress these pieces up just as nice and get that same business casual effect while dressing your young and fearless age too.

Marisa’s blog and her College Fashionista links!

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