Feeling so Cal

I have been loving it out in California! There is so much to do and the weather is so nice! It makes me never want to go back my chilly snow covered campus. There is nothing like leaving the cold and being somewhere warm. It really takes away from the winter depression that a lot of us IMG_0088get stuck in!

I really recommend California as a spring break spot. There is just so much to do! The LA area has everything from sight seeing, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, hiking, mountains, and so much more. Going across the country and exploring is really amazing.

Yesterday I went to Malibu and the beach was so nice! It was a small beach right next to Malibu and it wasn’t a really busy spot! I met a few sisters from Tri Delt at Southern Texas state university and they said they are enjoying the weather out here. Even though it is warm in Texas, there really is something great about the California sun!

This morning we hiked the San Gabriel Mountains and the views are incredible! It is nothing like the hills that I have at home. In the next few days I am heading to Palm springs and I will tell everyone about that soon!

I also got great news that I am able to get my first dresses from revelry! There were so many too choose from, so since I’m feeling so Cal, I had to order a dress from the SoCal collection! I can’t wait to get them in the mail and I will be posting pics of them soon!

There are so many cute styles in the SoCal Collection!


I hope that everyone is having a great spring break or are getting ready for spring break!

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