Shopping on Rodeo Drive

IMG_0059Shopping in Cali is the best. There are so many designers and different places to go, and they’re so close! We went to Rodeo drive the other day and I was in designer heaven. They have everything from Gucci, to Burberry, and really anything that you can think of in-between.

I also went to Villa Blanca, one of Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It was a pretty good restaurant, but for sisters that love the show, the restaurant was not my favorite! The service was great but the food was not as good as I thought that it would be! We got a few specialty pizza’s, salad, and an appetizer of calamari. I like watching Vanderpump rules better than eating there.


After lunch I decided to go shopping more, and I am always thinking of spring and fun dresses, so I ended up getting a cute dress from Guess! I can’t wait to wear it during recruitment! I loved the raincoats that Burberry had, and some of the great new sandals that Tory Burch had, but I will have to wait until it’s actually summer to get those!

I’ll be going back into cold weather tomorrow which stinks so much! I don’t want to leave and go back but I guess I can look forward to it getting warmer soon!


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