Finally formal

Is my hair done? Do I have enough lip stick on? These heels, or maybe the shorter ones? We’re running late! We can’t miss pictures!

IMG_0214If all of these thoughts are going through your head it must be formal!

I just had formal this past weekend and it was amazing! It is fun to get dressed up and have your nails done! There are so many things that I wanted to do,  but being in college I am always on a budget, and most of us are!

To get ready for this years formal I tried to not spend more than $100 for the night. It wasn’t hard at all! The tips that I have for a formal on a budget still let you look great, but your wallet won’t be crying.


1. Get your hair done at a beauty school or ask a hairdresser to come to you. The women that do your hair are still super talented and they can have your hair done for half the cost. I know that a lot of Salon’s charge $80-$100 on an undo alone! That is way to much for me! I got my updo done for $35. If you go to a Paul Mitchell school, they will charge $30-35 for your hair.

2.Make a dress exchange with your sisters or re-wear one of your own dresses. Formal dresses are expensive and I know that my sisters have a lot of different dresses they would be willing to lend to other sisters! It is a fun, free, and easy way to look great! Who cares in someone wore it last year, or it was your prom dress, do you really think anyone is going to notice?

tumblr_ls9ejg0Igy1qbykjb 1

3. Use shoes that you already own. Most formal dresses are long, and you can’t see the shoes anyway! So throw on a cute pair that you already own, or a pair of nude flats or heels!

4. Treat yourself to getting your nails or make-up done. Some of us are bad at doing make-up and some of us are bad at doing our nails. I like to play with my own make-up so I ended up getting a gel manicure! And even though gel is more expensive it lasts 2 weeks, not 2 days!

Happy formal season sisters!


4 thoughts on “Finally formal

  1. jessie.marie says:

    These are great tips! We have a Paul Mitchell school where I live and I have never thought of going there. Our first sorority formal is coming up next month and I am so excited! Please check out my blog (I have just started) about my own sorority experiences!!

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