Still waiting for spring

Okay, so spring break is over, but I am still waiting, for spring! Right now it is below freezing, there is a fresh coating of snow on the ground, and it is march 30th. I am really getting sick of winter weather!

I have so many cute spring clothes that I want to buy, but what’s the point of buying clothes that I can’t even wear yet? If anyone else is feeling chilly, and sad that this cold weather won’t go away, I have a few springtime fashion and beauty tips that you can use no matter what the weather is like!

1. We all know that April showers bring May flowers, and in New England next month already looks rainy! Get a pair of rain boots that show your own style. Anyone can get black Hunter rain boots, but they have too many cute colors to just pick black! ee7e8fcafe7130a5d931386b27b31e96

2. Buy floral and fun tops for the spring! These can still be worn with jeans and covered up with a coat. Your skirts and dresses might be a bad idea until the weather is above 50 and warm out! And if you want to know if you should buy that super cute top… Cosmo has a funny article on  20 Totally Legit Reasons for Buying New Clothes

3. Buy some new Makeup! I have been obsessed with trying out new looks with my Ipsy glam bag that I got last week. The bag is $10 and each month you are sent over $10 worth of brand name beauty products to try! I love my highlighter pencil that I got, as well as the full sized lipstick, and eyeshadow brush! MAC also came out with a cinderella makeup line that is really cute! IMG_0159

4. Get a new haircut! Next week I want to get a few inches cut off of my hair, and put some new highlights in! My hair gets so dark in the winter, and some cute highlights or a new cut can really make it feel like spring! Pinterest has some great pics and ideas!

Have a great Monday sisters!

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