Lilly VS. Lilly

I am so excited for Lilly for Target. I live for Lilly. Her prints are definitely my style and I know that a lot of people are excited to add Lilly for Target to their style!. While I normally wait for the semi annual sale on Lilly, this year I can get some new summer clothes early!

I think that many of us are going to be saving so much money which will be awesome, I love sales!! On top of buying clothes I am also loving all of the home goods that the line is coming out with.

I wanted to compare some Lilly to Lilly for Target! You can get pieces that are close to the original brand, but the price is much cheaper! And while I’ll be stocking up on Lilly For Target this spring, I’ll also be waiting for her sale!

These two rompers are super cute! The Jesse skirt romper is $158 the Challis romper is only $34!

86083_multicattitude women_challis-romper---happy-place

The shorts from Lilly are always so cute! There are so many styles and colors. And while you can’t get the scalloped shorts from the target version, you can get the really cute lace detailed shorts from Target! The Challis pom pom shorts are $24 and the Callahan shorts are $64!


I love both of these shift dresses. The Shift Dress from Lilly For Target is $38, while the Mila Shift Dress from Lilly is $198. The dresses are both so cute, but I think there will be a difference in the quality and the intricateness of the of lace!women_shift-dress---nosie-posey95979_multisundancesmall

The bathing suits that were made for Target are very retro. I personally love that look, but if you want to go with a different style from Lilly, the Convertible twist bandeau top is also great!


No matter what style of Lilly you plan on buying this summer they are all adorable! The Lilly for Target line is great and I think that it will compliment other pieces and accessories that you have from Lilly Pulitzer! I am so excited for warmer weather!

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