End of the semester checklist

I only have 2 weeks left of school! I really can’t believe that spring semester is over and that summer is right around the corner! I am so excited for summer, but I am also going to miss all of my friends at school and my sisters.

I came up with a checklist of things that anyone can do with their sisters during this hectic time of the year! Its not hard to take a study break for an hour, or two, and see your sisters for the last time before summer!

✔️ Go out on a fro yo date! I have a fro yo place like 2 minutes from my campus and it is such a good stress reliever, and its “healthy” so its the perfect brain food that you need during a study break! o-FROZEN-YOGURT-facebook

✔️Late study night? Go to your local diner to grab something to eat! We have a great diner that everyone loves to go to, and it is perfect because it is open 24/7! There is no way that I can make it past 12am without a second dinner!

✔️To refuel later on in the day, get a group of sisters to go to Starbucks with you! During finals we all need a Venti iced coffee or frappichino by our side to make sure that we can concentrate! My new favorites are the hibiscus and passionfruit teas! They are so good. 

✔️Study on your quad! It is getting nicer out, kind of! There is always time to go outside and get fresh air instead of being stuck inside in your library cubby!

✔️Go to the last sisterhood event that you have this semester! Our positive pi pics were a great way to end the semester and I think that it really made everyone feel that our chapter is getting an even stronger sisterhood!


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