Falling in love with Select Study and Florence!

Ciao sisters!

I hope that the weather in the US is as nice as it is over in Italy! The first week here has been so amazing! I have already made so many great friends and I am so lucky to be here with so many sisters!

DSC_0360The ADPi and Alpha Phi mix has been so great and we are having so much fun together! I don’t feel that homesick because I am with so many sisters and we are getting to know each other so quickly!

These past 5 days have been amazing, we have done everything from wine tasting, to seeing the leaning tower of Pisa, and of course, exploring Florence!


There is no way that I will ever want to leave this wonderful country! All of the pastas and gelato have been amazing, and of course, pairing wines with dinner has been so fun!


If you are ever thinking about going abroad, going with a friend or sister would be the best way to go! It makes the transition so much easier and it makes it more fun!

This is the link to my other blog! Off in Italia!

One thought on “Falling in love with Select Study and Florence!

  1. amberelizabeth says:

    I love Italy! I’e not been to Florence yet but it’s right up there on my bucket list! I’m so jealous but so glad you’re having a good time. Make the most of the pizza and pasta! it’s never quite the same once you go back home x


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