8 things I can’t live without this summer

It’s crazy to think that summer is more than half way over! I feel like I left school yesterday, and I am not ready to go back yet! There are so many things that I love about summer in New England, so I wanted to share 10 things that make my summer perfect

1. Traveling! From going abroad to just staying in New England and Exploring, I definitely have wanderlust. I love finding new places to go, and I hate being stuck at home! Cape Cod is definitely one of my happy places. There are so many things to do, from shopping, eating great seafood, and of course going to the beach! IMG_1667

2. Ice Cream I think that i have visited almost every local creamery in the past few months. Nothing is better than fresh summer flavors! Ice cream is perfect for any summer day, and even better as lunch!

3. Triangls I told myself that I was not going to buy a Triangl bathing suit, and now I have 2… But these bathing suits are seriously the most comfortable, and they are perfect if you love being active. All of the colors are so cute, but my favorite style is the poppy! 1.-TRIANGL-POPPY-FLAMINGO-FLING

4.Hiking: Being active is important to me, and I love to be outside. There are so many national parks in CT and I think that I have hiked almost all of them. One of my favorite spots is Burr Pond in Burrville CT.IMG_1053

5. Making Summer Drinks: Cooking class has made me really creative. I have been finding the best drink recipes on pintrest, and a lot of them are so delicious. I made a watermelon and mint lemonade last week, and I think I drank 5 glasses of it! IMG_1224

6. Cooking: Continuing the idea that I am now obsessed with trying new things, I have been cooking a lot! Last week I made homemade gnocchi and sauce. They were so good my whole family ate their plates in less than 5 minutes! I will post that recipe when  I really feel like I have perfected it!

7. Jack Rogers: I love my jacks! I have been wearing them for most of the summer and I finally think that I have really broken them in. I have been trying to find some other cute styles from them that I like, but so far none of them are as comfortable.


8. Rompers: In Italy I fell in love with Brandy Melville, and their rompers. I now have a small collection building in my closet, they are the easiest thing to wear in the summer, and they are so cute! If you pair a romper with a cute purse and statement necklace, you have a perfect summer outfit.


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