Baby whatcha say we go pickin’ blueberries?

Today was one of those summer days that I was waiting for. A day to myself. I usually love to be around all of my friends and always having something to do, but it felt great to just take a break and enjoy a little me time.

I was in a cooking and baking mood today, missing all of the yummy things that I had cooked in Italy, so I decided to cook some great East Coast recipes, and a blueberry pie.

I was feeling adventurous and decided to make my own Maryland crab cakes, with a side of fresh cucumber salad. Our garden is overflowing with fresh cucumbers, and I wanted to use them for something other than pickles!

The salad was super easy. I found the recipe on simply recipes and it came out great! I added some garlic that I was growing in the garden, with all fresh dill, and yogurt from a local creamery. If there is anything Italy has taught me, its to eat as local as possible.

Next came the crab cakes. I pinned this great recipe for crab cakes a long time ago, and I have been dying to make them! The crab cakes only took about 10 minutes to put together and they fried in less than that!



Overall dinner came out great! I would make the crab cakes again, I just wish that I had added more fresh dill to the cakes, even though the recipe doesn’t call for it!

Next on the list, blueberry pie. My family makes amazing pies, my grandmother taught us well, so well, that I am the only one allowed to bring pies over on holidays. I have beaten too many people at pie contests, everyone says I need to enter them in a fair. I usually have some help from my mom, but tonight I wanted to do the pie all by myself!

The trick to a good blueberry pie is fresh picked blueberries, but I also get a little help from Martha Stewart. I pick blueberries right down the street from my house, and the bushes are overflowing with them! FullSizeRender-3

I was super excited when I finished rolling out my homemade dough and then pinching it together to make the perfect pie! I think that the pie came out great! I am dying to try a piece! This is the recipe for Martha’s blueberry pie!


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