Pumpkin Waffles Anyone?

I love weekend breakfasts! I decided that I wanted to make something amazing, and you can’t beat pumpkin spice, especially in New England. So I made an amazing batch of pumpkin waffles:


I got the recipe from AllRecipes¬†and it is so delicious! I didn’t need a huge batch of waffles though, so I cut the recipe in half. I also just used pumpkin spice instead of adding all of the spices that the recipe called for!

Get all of your ingredients together, putting the dry ones into a bowl


Then you need to get all of the wet ingredients and brown sugar into a separate bowl. Separating the egg from the yolk and white. I hand whisked the whites until soft peaks formed, but you can use a mixer


Add all of the ingredients minus the egg whites and mix well. Once the batter is mixed, it is time to fold in your egg whites!


When you’ve folded in the whites, then your batter is ready! Your waffle maker should be preheated and ready to go! The batter makes a waffle that is a little more moist because of the pumpkin, so make sure you cook your waffle for a minute or two longer than you normally would.


I hope that you try this recipe out! Half the recipe makes 3 1/2 waffles, but my waffle maker is big. The whole recipe would make about 7, they freeze well!

I hope everyone had a great Sunday breakfast!


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