My 5 Foods of Fall

I love fall. But what do I love more?

Warm, delicious, unimaginable fall food.

In the summer you can’t enjoy warm comfort foods, it just isn’t right. But when you throw on a sweater and go to Starbucks to grab your PSL then you know it is time to start enjoying all things fall. And no, I don’t just enjoy everything pumpkin related. There are so many other yummy things to eat!

These are my top 5 foods that I indulged on in the past few weeks!

  1. Carmel apple cider. I can’t always go for a coffee, sometimes the best pick me up is just a warm drink! Our coffee shop near campus is to die for. I think I crave this every day. And it does not help that my internship is right down the street!


2. Fresh french toast. Our local breakfast spot, The Breakfast Nook will forever have my heart. The coffee of the day was pecan pie, and I splurged and got fresh toast. The bread is locally made and dipped into a vanilla egg mixture. This year I have become a breakfast addict. IMG_2710

3. Waffles. Okay, so maybe I am a waffle addict/breakfast addict. If you haven’t seen my post about pumpkin waffles you should check it out! This waffle is a cinnamon bun waffle, I made cinnamon sugar drizzle as well as the frosting to go on top! This weekend I made them for a second time, and I have to say, I am quite the waffle chef! IMG_2682

4. Pie! My family is known for pie making. I hate to brag… but my apple pie is so good, my boyfriend’s family has given up on making pie for Thanksgiving because of mine! In a few weeks I’ll be sharing my pumpkin pie secrets! IMG_2622

5. Delicious dinners. One word, gnocchi. There are so many amazing ways to prepare this potato pasta, but I prefer a more traditional dish. Our favorite restaurant by far is Max a Mia in Avon CT. The Italian food tastes just like Italy, and I love when they put a modern twist on the dishes. After 3 meatballs, bread, and a salad, yes I still finished the dish. IMG_2343

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