My Thursday 3…

Hi everyone! So I want to introduce my new weekly post, My Thursday 3! Talking about my top three favorites of the week. From food, to fashion and everything in between I am super excited to start this!

In the past few months I have been obsessed with a few brands, I can’t seem to get them off of my mind. I am constantly going onto the website to check out what is new, and what I wish I could add to my closet. And there is one that I can’t seem to stop looking at… so luckily I don’t have to!

  1. Tiffany and Co. I know that I am one of those girls that is always looking to see the different cuts of Tiffany rings for my future engagement, but little did I know that my obsession with the brand would lead to an amazing surprise by my boyfriend! IMG_9250Yes! This is my ring! I am still in love with it every time I look at it on my finger. He surprised me one day at the mall when we were shopping! He is amazing when it comes to shopping and buying me gifts. My obsession with Tiffany’s might have helped him just a little bit as well.
    IMG_2579 (1)
  2. Tory Burch. I am in love with Tory. I have flats, purses, wallets, and I never stop looking for something new to get from the website, especially the amazing sales. My glitter flats are the most comfortable flats that I own! They also have great service; a few weeks ago I lost the backs to my one of earrings, and they sent me a new pair in less than a week. IMG_2430
  3. Lululemon. Days that I am not in the office for my internship I love to be cozy! I just got a few new things from Lulu’s a few weeks ago, my favorite buy was the shorts! They fit perfectly and don’t move around when I am at Spin! I also love the way that my wunder under reversible leggings look on me. Not only do they have great products but the brand really lives out its manifesto and values, which I love! Everyone is always willing to help me and they don’t mind returns, when something doesn’t fit right, or it wasn’t what I expected. IMG_2300 (1)
    That wraps it up for this weeks Thursday 3! I hope you enjoyed!  Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.23.36 AM

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