A little cookie creation…

If there is one thing that college has taught me, it’s that I am a chocolate chip cookie addict. I don’t think there is a moment in my apartment that we don’t have cookie dough, cookie mix, or cookies lying around!

So last night we decided to get creative with our cookies and we had a topping and filling bar for them! I went to look on Pinterest for some ideas… and there aren’t that many! Other than crazy cookies that take a long time to make.

The outcome:


Behold. A 100 grand filled cookie. The inside was oozing with caramel and there was an added crunch! All of the cookies came out amazing. I think I’ve eaten way to many in the past 24 hours!

So how can you make your own crazy cookie creations?

Start by finding all of the toppings and fillings that you want! We had all of these lying around our room! Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.26.35 PM

Prepare the cookie dough! There was no butter in our room (which is not a surprise #college) so luckily the mix had directions for oil instead of butter as well! I think that making cookies from scratch or a mix is best for this idea! You can mold the dough easier than pre-made dough!


Then we prepared a baking sheet with tin foil, we knew these cookies were going to make a delicious mess! There were so many combinations that we put together. From M&M topped and peanut butter stuffed, to Nutella and M&M stuffed. My favorite was the 100 grand cookie, it seriously was out of this world.


You know that you want to make this cookie!


If you try this out I would love to hear about your creations!

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.23.36 AM


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