My Thursday 3: Happy New Year

I love New Year’s But I also hate it at the same time! It is the end of the holiday season and then the winter just seems to long afterwards. But what I love about it is partying with friends staying up way too late, and popping bubbly! Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.51.53 AM.png

My Thursday 3 is all about making your news years party the best that it can be! Or if you’re going to a party you can always bring these to the party!

  1. Prosecco over Champagne. The night should end with the pop of a good bubbly drink, and also maybe begin with one. Instead of going to buy a $50 bottle of fancy champagne, which lets be honest no one wants to buy, look for a nice bottle of Prosecco. The bubbly wine is much cheaper ranging from $15-3o dollars a bottle.
  2. Cards Against Humanity. If you’re hanging out with a smaller group of people, this game is needed! We can play this game for hours on end, coming up with so many bad card combinations. I laugh so hard that I am usually crying by the end of the night. If you’ve never played this card game for “horrible people” you need to get a deck! d91f9f6518fde82162ca34018102ced7

Plenty of food. I am ALWAYS eating on New Years, my friends usually hang out in the kitchen for hours eating everything that we brought! When you’re worried that you need something yummy for the holiday party, and don’t want to show up with just a bag of Doritos, make a quick appetizer up! I want to make a Taco Crescent ring, or the Doritos casserole! They look like they will be quick, easy, and delicious. b8b65651aee30cb4892d056fd2e9e884 (2).jpg93372ff309e272c609776b11979fa0cf (1)

I hope that everyone has an amazing new year!


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.23.36 AM

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