My Thursday 3: Favorite’s for my Face!

Over the past few weeks I have found a new love. Going shopping for makeup and skincare. I have always wanted to try new makeup and make my look more mature, so I decided to invest a little time (more like a few hours in Sephora and on Youtube) and learn how to create a new look!

My Thursday 3 is all about the products that I have fallen in love with this year! And I know you will too!

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.37.05 PM

1.) The Naked line from Urban Decay! I mean lets be honest we are all in love with every Urban decay product right? But my two new loves are the Naked Flushed Paulette and the Naked Matte 2! I was nervous about getting the palettes and then not liking them, but I made sure I learned how to use them! I asked one of the artists at Sephora to show me how to make a nice smokey eye for day or night, and I watched a few videos on Youtube! Hannah Schroder shows you how to do an amazing smokey eye and Christine did a great overview of the Flushed Palette! Don’t be afraid to try new looks because you have so many ways to learn them.

2.) My It Works Cleanser! This cleanser is so amazing I use it every day! It takes off makeup, even my toughest water proof makeup and eyeliner, and does not dry out my face! There’s no soap in the wash, so it keeps your natural oils on your face, but leaves it so clean and bright! I am an addict of all of the products! The whole line together is amazing, but if I had to just pick one it would be the cleanser, you should check it out: Cleanser!

3.) My Olay lotion and St Ives Scrub! (Okay okay so this is two… but I guess #3 could also be soft skin!) These keep my face so soft in the cold winter months. The Olay lotion is so thick and creamy and never fails to make my face look amazing! The St Ives scrub was in my Vox Box last month, it seriously was a game changer in my daily face routine. Paired with the It Works Cleanser it cleared my face up in 2 weeks! The natural exfoliants really get the dirt out of my pores. This pair together is the best way to make it through winter without your face drying up!

If you need to try something new for your daily routine all of these products are amazing! Let me know if you use any of these!  I hope you enjoyed my selfies 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.23.36 AM

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