The BossBabe Diaries: Intro

Hi beauties!

So I was given this amazing idea to post about my internship experiences in college, and I thought to myself, I’m pretty much a pro intern, and soon to be boss babe, so why not! I am onto my fourth internship so far in school and they are honestly one of the best things that happened to me in college. Internships teach you so much more than you learn in class!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 4.13.43 PM


My Internships so far:

  • Revelry Dresses: This campus rep internship was really fun! It was the perfect first internship and I was able to get a credit for it! I was able to get free dresses (Check out my post about them here!) and meet with chapters on campus to talk about recruitment! We sent them weekly reports and Allison, my boss, loved the work that I did for her.
  • Image Marketing Consultants: This is my most recent internship! I started working for Kate and Amanda over the summer and I fell in love with the company. I am going back for a paid internship this spring. Hard work pays off and I am so excited that they want me back with them!
  • It Works Global: On top of Image Marketing I also work for It Works and I love the company so much! It’s helped me hone in on my social media skills and marketing. Owning your own business, like they give you the opportunity to do, is so fun!
  • Select Study Abroad: I am in love with this internship! I went to Italy over the summer with them, and they hired me as their Social Media and Alumni Relations assistant! There are so many things that I love about working with them and I am so lucky to be their first intern!

I’ll post about my experiences and tips every few weeks or so! And I hope you enjoy them! If anyone has any ideas or wants me to write about anything let me know! 


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