Perfect Pizza: Goat Cheese and Arugula

There is something about making home made pizza that everyone loves! Sometimes I just hate ordering the same thing over and over again!

So I decided that I wanted to spice up my pizza life and make something healthy, but SO delicious. I literally could not deal with ordering another cheese pizza.


Ta Da! The amazing outcome of my culinary creativity! Looking at this pizza again makes me want to go out to the store and get everything I need to make another…

So what DO you need to make this amazing pizza? Its actually so so easy!

Let’ s make some pizza:

Turn your oven onto 450º!

I made homemade vinegrete with 2/3 cups olive oil, and 1/3 cup balsamic

CE-Balsamic-syrup-83 (1)

Then I rolled my dough into two balls, one for a cheese pizza (my dad is anti goat cheese!) I don’t know how it is SO amazing


And washed baby arugula to get everything ready for the pizza.


Roll the dough out onto a pizza stone, or a baking sheet! Then sprinkle minced garlic onto the pizza, then brush olive oil all over the dough

After about 10 minutes when the dough is looking brown around the edges, take it out! Lay down a layer of arugula (we put a lot, but still think we wanted more!) and then plopped goat cheese all over! The finishing touch was balsamic vinaigrette!

If you’re craving pizza, you need to make this! I think I’ll be having another pizza night soon.

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