Happy Galentines Day!

Happy Galentines Day to all of my single ladies!


Today is a great day to treat ourselves! I know I have so far. Its -2 at my house and I made myself and amazing breakfast, cozied up with a book, and have been pinning away!


And of course there is nothing wrong with going to buy all of the half priced candy for ourselves tomorrow either! I am so excited for that.

I woke up to a surprise from my mom! Its the cutest little orchid. It will be perfect to put onto my desk at work! This is my first Valentines day in 5 years being single, and it hasn’t been that easy, but little surprises like this make it better. I’ve learned that there is really nothing wrong with treating ourselves! We deserve it, especially if we work for it!


I wanted to treat myself to an amazing breakfast. I LOVE waffles. If you don’t know that already, check out my blog posts on them: pumpkin waffles and cinnamon bun waffles are to die for! Today I whipped up a batch of buttermilk waffles, threw in a few chocolate chips, and topped them with some raspberries! They were SO good.


The last thing on my list for the day? Fudgy oatmeal cookie bars! You can find the link to this recipe on my Pinterest! I’ve made them before they are dangerously good! Here’s the Pinterest Board!


I hope that everyone is having a good weekend! It’s almost over but there is still time to treat yourself!


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.23.36 AM


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