Feelin’ Formal

This week has been so crazy and fun! I can’t believe that spring break is only 5 days away!

We had our formal last night, it was so much fun! I know that formal season and prom are coming up soon for everyone! It’s such a great time of year.

I love that everyone looks so pretty and all dressed up! We were all saying that picking a prom dress takes forever (finding mine did take forever) but getting a dress for formal happens the week before! Its crazy what a few years can do.

This year I decided to pick a dress style that I normally wouldn’t! I ordered the dress from LuLu’s. I loved the high neck with look with a long necklace. It felt great to rock a look I normally wouldn’t!IMG_5412 (1)

Photo ops were too perfect with the sunset in the background! We were all freezing but it was worth it!

I wanted to do something easy for my hair, so I braided it the night before and left it in pig tails for over 12 hours! Everyone said I looked like Taylor Swift back in her country days! (I will totally take that compliment!) And I loved the way that my hair turned out! It is the easiest way to curl your hair! I did a smokey eye, and went with a deep berry red for my lip color! I used my every day makeup routine to get my look, with a few pops of color!


It doesn’t have to take hours to get dressed up and feel formal!

I hope that everyone has an amazing prom and formal season!
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.23.36 AM

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